General Music Page
 3rd Grade
  • Concert season is upon us once again! Students are learning how to not only sing, but also read notes and rhythms. This is all preparation for the 3rd Grade Spring Concert happening on March 2nd, 2017. More information will be sent home when the date is closer!
  • Sing Us A Song
  • Superhero
  • We All Need Peace
  • These are not the full recordings, but should help with words and notes!
4th Grade
  • Students will start the new year by learning about new rhythms. Thanks to recorders, everybody knows how to read quarter notes and eighth notes. However, there is more to music than just that. Students will learn about half notes and sixteenth notes as well as become composers! "Pie Pie Pepperoni Pie!"
5th Grade 
  • Arrangements exist to appeal to as many people as possible. Students are being exposed to as many arrangements of their favorite songs as possible. Along the way, students are discovering new instruments, new musical genres, and new favorites. Eventually we will all make arrangements of a song that everybody is familiar with.