Library Book Club

The library book club is led by the students! 
 How it works: 
 We meet to choose a book to read, and Mrs. Horwat orders the books.  Students listen for announcements that indicate that the books have arrived.  Students stop at the library at their earliest convenience to get their copy.  The group is encouraged to attend informal get-togethers in the library each Monday from 2:20 to 3:00 pm to discuss the book as they read--questions, discussions, planning for the real meeting, etc.  Students decide on the date of the next meeting, based on how quickly they are proceeding with the book.  On the final meeting day for the book, students participate in activities such as re-enactments, scavenger hunts, games, discussion, or whatever they decide upon (usually one student volunteers to organize and lead that entire meeting, enlisting help from others in the group when necessary).  On final meeting days, we enjoy snacks and fun book-related activities!   Then, we repeat with a new book. 
All students are welcome and can join at any point.  Reading the book is mandatory because if you don't know the story, none of the activities will make sense and you won't be able to contribute, so if you don't enjoy reading, please find another club! 
Library Book Club members must listen to the announcements in the morning every day, and it would also be helpful to check into this site as well.  I, Mrs. Horwat, will from this point on keep announcements here, too.  
Hope to see you soon, readers! 
P.S.  These are the books we've read so far:
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Artemis Fowl
Double Identity 
The ENTIRE Missing Series:  Found, Sent, Sabotaged, Torn, Caught, Rescued, Sought, Risked (8 books!)
That's 12 books in a year!
2016-2017 (so far)
The Septimus Heap series:  Magyk, Flyte, Physik (3 huge books)
Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters, Among the Betrayed (3 so far in the Shadow Children series)
Warriors:  Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, Forest of Secrets (3 so far in the Warriors series)
Update:  We now have two groups.  One is a Warriors Book Club only!  Join one or both.  At the last Warrior Cats meeting, the activities were way fun and interactive, led by Chloe, and there were 8 members present!   
  • Meeting dates

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 4/10/2017

    The LMC Book Club is reading Among the Barons, book 4 of the Shadow Children series.  We will meet Monday, April 24th to discuss the book.  Please come to the library to get your copy of the book if you haven't already, and please have it finished by April 24th!


    The Warrior Cats Book Club is reading Book 4:  Rising Storm, and we will meet on Monday May 1 to discuss it.  Stop in to the library to pick up a copy if you haven't already, and be sure to finish Book 4 by May 1!

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  • Warriors: Forest of Secrets (book 3)

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 3/27/2017

    Our next meeting will be Monday, April 10.  Be sure to have your book finished by then!

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  • Among the Betrayed

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 3/27/2017

    Our official meeting on Among the Betrayed will be Monday, April 3!  Be sure to have your book finished by then! 


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  • Among the Imposters

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 3/7/2017

    Since everyone really liked the Shadow Children, book 1, we are reading book 2, Among the Imposters.  We will meet to discuss the book on Monday, March 13.  Be sure to bring your copy and have the book finished by then!

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  • Warrior Cats Club

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 3/7/2017

    The Warrior Cats club meeting was action-packed!  Don't miss the next one!  We will be meeting Monday, March 20 to discuss book 2:  Fire and Ice.


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  • Among the Hidden meeting rocked!

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/7/2017

    Yesterday's book club meeting rocked!  We have 10 members of book club right now, and yesterday we met about Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  We all loved the book!  We enjoyed foods that were higlighted in the book and played 3 games whose ideas came from 3 of our students.  The last one had students running and hiding throughout the library--great ideas Austin, Chloe, and Danielle! There was QUITE a mess to clean up, but it was worth it.  We have decided to read book 2 in the Among the HIdden series.  Stay tuned for our next meeting date!

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  • Warrior Cats meeting: Monday, February 13

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/2/2017

    Hope to see you there! Warrior readers need to see me to decide who is leading the meeting!

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  • Next Meeting: Monday, Feb 6 for Among the Hidden

    Posted by Julie Horwat at 2/2/2017

    This is our final meeting on this book.  Bring your copy and be finished with it!  Snacks provided by Ms. Horwat and meeting led by Chloe.  Hope to see you there!

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