Principal:  Mr. Russell E. Stevener Jr
 Assistant Principal: Ms. Lisa Gentile

Building Secretary:
Mrs. Regina Narbone
Contact Information:
Main Office 865-8154
Attendance 865-7292
High School Fax 865-4069
Guidance Office 865-4102
Athletic Office 865-7273
Nurse's Office 865-7234
Cafeteria 865-7242
Pool 865-7255
Music Office 865-7229

Course Review Schedules

Algebra 1: Ms. Kupiec, Room 115
Time - 2:15 – 3:00 unless otherwise noted

Tuesday, May 17 – Real Number System/Properties/Operations with Polynomials
Thursday, May 19 – Solving Equations/Literal Equations/Inequalities
Monday, May 23 – System of Equations/Inequalities
Wednesday, May 25 – Functions and their Graphs Day 1 (Linear/Piecewise)
May 31 – Functions and their Graphs Day 2 (Exponential, Transformations)
Tuesday, June 2 – Sequences
Monday, June 6 – Statistics Day 1
Wednesday, June 8 – Statistics Day 2
Monday, June 13 – Quadratic Functions
Saturday, June 4  Time -  9 – 11: Algebra 1 Review ( Ms. Kupiec)
Thursday, June 9  Time -  3 – 5: Algebra 1 Review (Mr. Zacek)
Wednesday, June 15 –Time -  3 – 5: Algebra 1 Review ( Ms. Kupiec)

Algebra 2 Regents:  Room 116
Time 2:15 – 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted

Monday, May 16
Thursday, May 19
Saturday, May 21   9:00 - 11:00 AM
Monday, May 23
Tuesday, May 24   6:00 - 8:00 PM
Thursday, May 26
Tuesday, May 31   6:00 - 8:00 PM

Earth Science:
Time: 3:00-4:00 PM

Tuesday, May 31                     Mr. Della Posta
Thursday, June 2                    Mrs. Haynes
Tuesday, June 7                      Mr. Della Posta
Thursday, June 9                    Mrs. Haynes
Tuesday, June 14                    Mr. Della Posta
Thursday, June 16                  Mrs. Haynes

English: Mrs. Roberts, Room 106
Time: 2:45-4:45

Thursday, May 26
Thursday, June 2
Thursday, June 9

Geometry  Regents:  Room 117
Time: 2:15 – 2:50PM unless otherwise noted

Monday, May 16 - Similarity
Thursday, May 19 - Transformations
Monday, May 23 - Triangle
Thursday, May 26 - Circles, Area, Volume
Wednesday, June 1 - Proofs  6 – 8 PM
Monday, June 6 - General Review
Wednesday, June 8 - Right Triangles & Trigonometry  6 – 8 PM
Monday, June 13 - General Review
Thursday, June 16 - General Review  6 – 8 PM
Friday, June 17 - General Review   8 – 10 AM 

Living Environment:
Time: 2:50-3:50

Monday, May 23 - Mr. Lucason
Wednesday, May 25 - Ms. DiFino
Wednesday, June 1 - Ms. DiFino
Monday, June 6 - Mr. Lucason
Wednesday, June 8 - Ms. DiFino
Monday, June 13 - Mr. Lucason


French & Spanish 3 ONLY
Time: 2:45-4:45

Thursday, May 19
Thursday, June 2
Thursday, June 9

Physics - Mrs. Hassler, Room 310
Time:  3:00-4:00

Wednesday, May 25
Monday, June 6
Wednesday, June 8
Monday, June 13
Wednesday, June 15
Monday, June 20

US History - Mr. Locke
Saturdays, 8:30-10AM

Saturday, May 21
Saturday, June 4
Saturday, June 11

Global 10 -  Mrs. Sullivan
Saturdays, 8:30-10AM

Saturday, May 21
Saturday, June 4
Saturday, June 11


Celebrating Commitment Day

Commitment Day
A few of the seniors, celebrating "Commitment Day" - May 1, which is when deposits and decisions are due.
It's been a great admission year and Holland Patent has a lot to be proud of! 

Junkyard Wars Winners

Congratulations to the Holland Patent High School STEM Club for getting first place in Junkyard Wars at SUNY Poly’s Mohawk Valley Showcase!

School Boards Institute Student Achievement Award Recipient

Gracie Caggiano Gracie Caggiano is a recipient of this year's School Boards Institute Student Achievement Award.
The Student Achievement Awards are presented to high-school juniors who have demonstrated a positive attitude, which reflects initiative, a sense of responsibility and an ability to interact with others, including peers and faculty.

Recipients also perform academically to the best of their ability and participate in extracurricular and community activities. Other criteria include strong character values and a post-graduate commitment toward a career goal or higher education.
Congratulations Gracie!
 (Photo by Andrea Newland)

Don't Be a Distracted Driver - It Can Wait!

Take the Pledge to not text and drive -
Take the Pledge

To view tips and videos from students' presentation, go to our It Can Wait page here.
 it can wait
Curb the urge to text and drive.  AT&T DriveMode silences message alerts and auto-replies when you're driving to let friends and family know you can't respond. For more information and to download the app:
Students - Download one of the apps that prevent texting while driving and Mr. Stevener or Officer Copperwheat will give you an It Can Wait bracelet as a reminder to not text and drive.
Try the It Can Wait Texting and Driving simulator here:  


Freshman Seminar Course

Freshman Seminar is a year-long course is designed to help  incoming freshmen manage the academic rigor and social issues of high school.  Taught by Mrs. Heather Roberts and Mr. John Riemenschneider, this course covers various study skills, note-taking, test-preparation, research procedures, and reading and writing strategies. Students will learn and practice organizational skills that they can apply to all their classes.

The course will also address social issues that affect freshmen as they begin to explore high school and post-secondary planning. Freshman Seminar is designed to help students during their transition to high school – its academic and personal demands – and help ensure their educational success.

2015 Graduation Highlights


Class of 2015, on behalf of the faculty and staff of
Holland Patent Central Schools,
congratulations and good luck in all your future endeavors.

HP High School

Success is the Only Option

At Holland Patent High School
our students will be
college and career ready
by the time they graduate.

Regents Schedule

Algebra 1 (Common Core) - Thursday, June 16 @ 8:00 AM
   *Please bring to the exam:  2 pens (blue or black), 2 pencils, ruler
Algebra II (Common Core) - Wednesday, June 1 @ 8:00 AM
Earth Science - Friday, June 17 @ 8:00 AM
ELA 11 - Tuesday, June 14  @ 12:00.
Geometry (Common Core) - Friday, June 17 @ Noon
   *Please bring to the exam: 2 pens (blue or black), 2 pencils, ruler, compass
America's Best High Schools
Holland Patent Central School
is ranked one of the top
schools in the nation by
High School Rankings!
  • Holland Patent High School rated a High Progress School
    by the State Education Department of NY.
     Criteria set by the State Education Department:
     High Progress – High School

    Performance Index – the school’s combined ELA and Mathematics Performance Index places it among the
    top ten percent in the State in terms of gains between the most recent assessment data and the data from the prior year.
    Holland Patent School District rates in the top two schools in Oneida County for graduation rates at 97%.
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Library Media Center

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HP library resources.

Our Mission

Holland Patent High School will be a positive, stimulating environment in which all may develop Holland Patent High School Mission Statement the academic and social skills for reaching their potential as productive responsible citizens in our ever-changing world.

It Can WAit  
Don't Be a Distracted Driver - Links to safe driving apps for your mobile device: