• Early People Vocabulary


    Archeology- The study of past cultures through artifacts left behind

     Anthropology- The study of how people developed and lived in cultural groups

     Artifact- Object made by people long ago

     Migrate- The move from one place to another 

    Culture- Way groups react to the environment. Includes customs, beliefs, art and technology

     Domesticate- Tame crops and animals

     Surplus- Extra supply

     Excavate- To remove artifacts from the earth

    Stone Age- The period of time when humans relied primarily on stone tools

     Technology- The way in which humans produce items they use 



    Ancient China
    Himalayan Mountains_ Mountain Range on the Southern Border of the Tibetan Plateau

    Huang River (Yellow)- Cuts through the North China Plain

    Dynasty- Ruling Family
    Confucius- Chinese teacher of morals
    Daoism- The belief in finding the way of the Dao of the universe
    Pictographs-Pictures that represent words
    Mandate of Heaven-The divine right to govern for the good of all the people
    Silk Road-Trade route that extended through northern China across central Asia to Rome