• Do you know about our Character Education Recognition Program?  At the end of each marking period, every adult in the building has the opportunity to select a child who has stood out to them for showing academic excellence or outstanding citizenship.  If your child is chosen, the student and their parents are invited to an assembly program and celebration breakfast.  This is something for all students to work towards and is a great honor if chosen.  Think about it - some of our teachers see 125 students or more each day - that's something to brag about if they stood out from the rest for their behavior or their academics.

    In addition, teachers can issue a "Golden Knight Award" any time a student does something exceptional - these awards will be hung on a bulletin board in our front entrance. 

    As always, we're here to educate students - academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally.  Please let us know if you have thoughts, questions, or concerns, so we are able to assist you.