• Word of the Day

    Be sure to write down the date, the word, the part of speech, the definition, and a sentence using the word correctly.  You will have to hand in ALL parts of this near the end of the quarter.  It will count as a test grade.  
    No printing off the webpage!  

    Noun: a person, place, or thing (Holland Patent

                Middle School, middle school, Mrs. Hast, baseball)

           Note: Proper nouns are capitalized.

    Pronouns: a word used in place of one or more

          nouns (he, she, him, her, they, them, I, we, you, our, it)

    Verb: expresses action (run, play, skip, smile)

    State of Being Verbs (Helping Verbs): am, are, is, was, were, be, been, has, have, had, do, does, did, could, would, should, may, might, must,shall, will, can

    Adjective - modifies (describes) a noun or pronoun

          (red car, blue fish, dinner table, one house,

          loud noise); tells what kind, which one, or how many

    Adverb - modifies (describes) a verb, adverb, or

          adjective (happily skipping, quickly running);

          tells when, where, how, to what extent (how long or how much)  



    Quarter 3 : Please use the list that was delivered in your packet in March.