Important Dates

  2016-2017 Sports Season Dates
Fall Sport:

                     NFHS Cal   Starting Dates    NFHS Cal    Ending Dates      

 All Sports   (week 7)      August 15th        (week 22)      November 28th

Modified     (week 9)      August 29th         (week 17)      October 28th

 Winter Sports:

 All Sports   (week 19)     November 7th       (week 38)       March 20th

Modified     (week 16)     October 17th         (week 36)       March 10th

Spring Sports:

All Sports   (week 36)     March 6th             (week 51)        June 16th

Modified    (week 38)     March 20th            (week 49)       June 2nd        


Leagues may establish their own start date for modified programs, that league must notify Section III and have approval from the NYSPHSAA.