PARP 2018

  • Students Using Powers to Engage in Reading

    PARP for March 2018

    In the mopow nth of March all students at GWF will be using their powers to engage in reading every night as part of a PTA sponsored program called PARP (Pick A Reading Partner).  Reading is powerful. Join us in this super hero quest.


    Our goal is to challenge and encourage students to read at least five nights per week for at least fifteen minutes a night during the month of March.  We ask parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, etc. to help by reading with, to, or next to each reader.  At the very least, please notice the student reading and sign the Reading Slip on which is recorded which nights they have read.  These slips are to be returned each Wednesday in March starting with the bottom slip.  Students will be decorating a picture of themselves as super heroes to put on display when they have completed their first week of reading. Also students who meet the weekly goal will receive a prize each week and an award certificate at the end.  (Note: Book-it reading can count for PARP, too.)

    We hope that the month of PARP will be enjoyable to you as a family as well as a valuable experience for your children.  Take advantage of the suggestions for family reading activities on the enclosed calendar.  Notice the special events such as the Utica Comets assembly, GWF Science Fair and Book Fair.  Your children may also want to participate in Spirit Day, Shirt with Words Day, Team Shirt Day, Pajama Day, and Super Hero Dress- Up Day.

    We are enthusiastic about helping all students to become lifelong readers and learners.  Please join our efforts to encourage them to read at home and to love books.  Have fun reading not just super hero books, but any books your child enjoys.


    Thank you for reading with your children and supporting PARP.

    Reading is my superpower

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