PARP 2019

  • PARP for March 2019

    PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) is a national PTA sponsored program to encourage the habit of reading daily at home to support student achievement and a love of reading.  Please take time each night to read to your children, listen to them read, or at least see that they are reading.  Ask questions, retell stories, make connections, and enjoy.  If you are reading for the Book-It program the same times may be used for PARP.    

                This year your child can read enough to be given a ticket for the Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge. To receive a ticket your child must read and/or be read to for a minimum of 6 hours in March.  Six hours is 360 minutes so you can read for 15 minutes a night for 24 nights or 20 minutes a night for 18 nights or mix it up and read longer when you have more time. PleasePARP 2019 track your time and books on the reading log provided by Enchanted Forest. All the reading logs are due to the main office by March 29, 2019.

            Every child will also receive a shark tote bag and a book from our PTA sponsored Book Fair. Each night that a child reads, they may color, cut out, and bring to school a sea creature to place in our under the sea display in the school entrance area.  So let’s get them hooked on reading!!!

    Please refer to the attached calendar to see the other PARP activities that are taking place to make it a special month to celebrate reading good books. These include a book fair, the science fair, and the Young People’s Concert.  On other days children will be invited to participate on special days such as Twisted Tuesday, Crazy Hat Day, Tropical Tuesday, Beach Day, and more.

     On Friday March 29 we will celebrate our reading with an assembly to which children can dress as mermaids, pirates, sea creatures, divers, etc.

    Please join us for this month of reading and Under the Sea fun!!!

PARP Calendar

  • PARP 2019