Super Digital Citizen

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

    Because of the size of these videos, it is best to right-click and open video in a new tab or window.
    What is Digital Citizenship?   This video from BeCyberwise describes why digital citizenship is so important.
    Be a Digital Citizen  A quick and simple clip to introduce the concept of digital citizenship.   This video gives some statistics about internet and social media usage and then describes the many ways in which we are all affected on a daily basis by our technology use.
    Go Figure  Produced by the international Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), this animated video zips through a flurry of statistics about young people and online safety. It paints a powerful picture of how important it is to get these conversations started.
    Choose What Happens Next  Watch in dismay as an inappropriate photograph travels from one poor naive teen girl to an online stalker, ending with the admonition "Think before you post." This interactive series of videos was produced by public service announcement (PSA) veterans the Ad Council.
    Digital Dossier  This fascinating narrative follows the digital journey of the fictional "Andy" from pre-birth to adulthood by tracking his "digital footprint." It can be illuminating to stop and think about how much personal information we're putting out on the Web. Produced by the Digital Natives Project
    Invasion of the Data Snatchers  Though geared towards adults, it's a great wake-up call about online privacy issues, and although they're ultimately pushing a paid product, they have some good free resources and privacy protection tools.