•  Welcome to the Holland Patent M.S. Symphonic Band!

    M.S. Symphonic Band meets Block 1 on Day 1A. Students receive 1 lesson per 12 day rotation of student groups.
    Please log on to our Google Classroom page for assignments, resources, and daily instruction.

    Tips for Successful Practice
    1. Warm up using your instrument-specific warm up sheet, scales, or Sound Innovations (5-10 minutes)
    2. Pick three (3) selections to focus on during your practice session (sections of band music or solo literature)
    3. Have a goal for your session - what do you want to accomplish? (Note/rhythm accuracy, connection, dynamics, tone, endurance)
    4. Use tools to help your practice - metronome, play along with the recordings above, tuner
    5. Evaluate yourself and set a goal for your next session!