•  Welcome to the Holland Patent M.S. Symphonic Band!

    M.S. Symphonic Band meets period 1 on Days 1, 3, and 5 of the cycle.
    Students receive 1 lesson per 6 schooldays.
    Please log on to our Google Classroom page for information about lesson schedules, assignments, and recordings.

    Tips for Successful Practice
    1. Warm up using your instrument-specific warm up sheet, scales, or Sound Innovations (5-10 minutes)
    2. Pick three (3) selections to focus on during your practice session (sections of band music or solo literature)
    3. Have a goal for your session - what do you want to accomplish? (Note/rhythm accuracy, connection, dynamics, tone, endurance)
    4. Use tools to help you practice. Here is a metronome, play along with the recordings, and use a tuner
    5. Evaluate yourself and set a goal for your next session!