General Music Page
 3rd Grade
  • Recorder Karate has arrived! 3rd Graders have received their recorders and are testing their skills on them. Each time a student plays the correct belt song, they get a new belt and a new challenge. Let's see how far everybody can get this year!
4th Grade
  • Students are beginning to compose even more songs now that rhythms have been mastered. Using Ludwig van Beethoven's music, students are creating their own xylophone compositions as well as learning on how to be conductors. Symphonies just like Beethoven will be posted for all to see!
5th Grade 
  • The moving up ceremony is right around the corner. 5th graders are starting to prepare the music for this event very soon. Links will be provided of recordings for each of the songs so everyone can practice at home.
  • HP Alma Mater

  • Ready to Go

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