• September Senior Information

    Greetings and welcome to a very busy year!  I wanted to give you some information on where you and your students should be in the college process.  If your student hasn't visited any colleges, I STRONGLY encourage visits this fall.  Most colleges are hosting open houses multiple weekends this time of year.  Head to the college websites to register.  This is great 1 stop shopping as programs will include overviews, tours, and lots of great info!  If you can't make open house dates, schedule an official visit through admissions.  Always call and let them know you are coming, this is called demonstrated interest and colleges like that! 

    If your student has " no idea" where to start, there is a college fair planned for Utica College on October 6, 6:30-8:30 in the gym.  Over 100 state  and private colleges in and out of the state will be there.  Start your search here!

    Another great thing you and your family can be doing right now is having conversations about " how much can we afford"  A tough subject, but an important one.  If this is your first student to go through this, you can get a heads up on financial aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov  There is a tool there, in the lower right hand corner called the Fafsa4caster that with about 10 min of work and minimal data you can get an idea of financial aid you may be eligible for.  I STRONGLY encourage this.  This can help guide the search process.  You can't apply for financial aid until after January 1, 2016, and won't see award packages until spring,  but you can educate yourself and get an idea.  Late Spring may be too late to find out you can't afford the colleges your student got into.  Ask, educate, and have conversations about this. 

    I encourage students to apply to at least 1 safe school, ( may be a community college or school they know they will get into and you can afford), 1 state school and 1 private school.  This is a modest list, but could give your family economic options in each category. Never put all your eggs in one basket! 

    I'll be in classrooms in 2 weeks kicking off the college application process.  Your student will receive a "Senior Handbook" full of most of the information you will be looking for.  Additionally, I bring them into the computer lab to show them the Common Application, the SUNY application, and how to apply online.  Every Wednesday after school from 2:10-3pm, I host "College app drop in night" in computer lab 105 to give them a time and place to work on apps with me there for help.  English 12 is working on the college essay, and we are off and running!


    Help is always here if you need it.  Don't hesitate  to call me at #865-4102 or email me at ddornburgh@hpschools.org

    I always look forward to where this journey will lead us. 



    Mrs. Dana L. Dornburgh

    Guidance Counselor