• 4th & 5th Grade Band Lessons


    Favorite Disney Classics — The Band Concert (1935)

    Morning Band is every Day 4 and 6. This group is open to any 2nd Year Band Student who would like to participate. Please see the Concert Band Page for recordings and upcoming concert dates.

    Tips for Successful Practice


    1. Warm up using your instrument-specific warm ups covered within class. This could be scales, lip slurs, or Sound Innovations Warm Ups


    2. Pick three (3) selections to focus on during your practice session (sections of band music or assigned lesson material)


    3. Have a goal for your session - what do you want to accomplish? (Note/rhythm accuracy, connection, dynamics, tone, endurance)


    4. Use tools to help you practice. Here is a metronome to play along with. It can help you with those tricky rhythms!


    5. Evaluate yourself and set a goal for your next session!

    HPE Lesson Schedule

    Lessons schedules will be sent out via ParentSquare each Day 6. They are also displayed in front of the HPE LGI Room and down below!