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    The Sound - Single

    THE 1975

    This single differing from other singles that THE 1975 have recently released, has a simple yet energetic sound, that will cling to your mind with its rhythms and lyrics. The sound that THE 1975 is experimenting with right now may sound quite different from its freshmen album, 1975, whereas their current singles are leaning towards much more of a pop genre farther than the alternative rock they are so well known, although THE 1975 has never truly stuck to guidelines of just one genre.


    Death Of A Bachelor

    Panic! At The Disco

    Beautifully executed, this is an album that can be put on repeat and make one feel that they are listening to hundreds of genres in a series of eleven songs. Panic! At The Disco makes this work in a way that makes it fluent and seamlessly flawless. With heart-stopping ranges that will give one chills, songs like Emperor’s New Clothes, Death Of A Bachelor, and The Good, The Bad And The Dirty are only a small sample of what P!ATD can do with its talent.



    David Bowie

    The album Blackstar by David Bowie released on January 8, 2016 is a collection of songs created within a final 18 month spur of creativity. Along with a musical titled Lazarus being produced in West End theatres in London, one of the album’s tracks sharing the same name, this album pulls in similar ties with the album by inquiring to the concepts of grief and lost hope. While making listeners question themselves, Blackstar also strays from the rock that the artist is so well known for. By somewhat breaking off the familiar rock shell, the artist brings in jazz, a genre of liveliness and acceptance that is so well reflected throughout the entirety of the album. It is a spellbinding, lyrically inscrutable work with electro-acoustic jazz that only one can wish to fully grasp. This twenty-fifth and final album will not close David Bowie’s career, his work shall live on.