• Amber Nunes

    Spring Sports and Hard Work

    The spring sports season is now in full swing. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and athletes everywhere are complaining about their workouts. All sports seasons tend to run into the same issue, especially with upperclassmen, and especially in the spring: jobs. Many upperclassmen have sports as well as a job and in the spring summer jobs are usually beginning. Some coaches say, “You can’t have a job and participate in a sport at the same time.” I ask, “Why not?”

    In order for me to have a car and compete in my sport, I have to have gas money. In order for me to have gas money, I need my job. Therefore, in order for me to participate in my sport, I need my job. I also know that many others are put in the same boat. I also know that given the ultimatum some will, and already have, chosen their job first. This really applies to those who do not plan on pursuing their sport on a college level, or if they are pursuing a sport on a college level it may not be the same sport. Granted, there is the “if you quit a sport you can’t participate in the next season” rule, but that hardly applies to seniors as that rule cannot follow someone to college.

    I suppose what I am trying to say is don’t give our student athletes an ultimatum. We try very hard, and many are planning for the future as things (college) can be expensive. As important as a sport is, and as much as one wants to participate, a student also needs to look ahead. Yes, they may get skipped in their sports because they miss one or two workouts per week, but they also are looking past high school, or working to get themselves to and from that sport as much as they can. So don’t push kids away from their sport, or working their job, because that is not a fair decision for a kid to make.