1960's Collages

For 5th Grade reading switches on Civil Rights, Mrs. Reynold's class is reading "The Watson's go to Birmingham - 1963." To kick off the time period, the students used the app "Pic Collage" on the iPads to create a virtual poster/collage if you will of the 1960's. Students were encouraged to caption the pictures too. These will be printed and used as the covers to their folders for the unit, and hung in the hallway too. I attached some samples of them at work.


The kids had a really great time making these collages and now have a better sense of the time period.

5th Grade Social Studies

Our Aztec, Maya and Inca projects were a collaborative project for the students to focus on the major characteristics of our earliest civilizations. They will use the the same 7 characteristics of a civilization as they continue their social studies work in future grades, too! The students worked in groups and took notes from paper sources, and they also conducted research using the computers and/or iPads with pre-selected links to add to their information. The last step was to add pictures to spice up their posters! Then in a jigsaw fashion they presented their own piece of the puzzle to their classmates, and took notes on the rest!