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    Design Media Exploration

  • Design Media Exploration (1 high school credit): 

    This course is intended for the serious art student interested in furthering his/her art skills in a variety of studio techniques. Students will have two classrooms and two teachers for this course that blends fine and digital arts. Personal and class sketchbooks will be kept in which students can plan out ideas, take notes on artists and styles, experiment with different media and techniques, record observations and inspirations, as well as address required assignments. Students will be expected to develop a personal theme and/or style and be able to communicate their intentions both verbally and in writing. Routine written reflection and self-evaluation will also be required. By combining traditional and electronic art making, students will enhance their portfolios and be better prepared for 21stcentury college experiences and multi-media careers. This course may be taken as “Creativity in Art” for dual credit with MVCC.


    Creativity in Art (Dual credit with MVCC)

    This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of creativity with an emphasis on understanding historically significant art styles.  Students explore various types of visual expression and apply creative problem-solving principles to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects in a variety of media.   Students are introduced to the masters, practices, and careers of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, graphic design, animation, film, digital media, illustration, and photography.

  • Students will be provided a sketchbook for this class. A binder/folder/large envelope may be useful for the collection and retention of references, resources, found items, etc.