• About Our Class

    During our time in this class, we will work together to help you achieve success in all of your classes.  Resource is NOT study hall, so please do not expect to come here and do your homework. Our main focus in resource is to increase your skills and level of learning based on your own individualized education plan. While there will be time to review your homework or complete questions that you do not understand, we will be spending the majority of our time focusing on skills such as reading comprehension, writing and math computation. We will also be reviewing new topics that you are currently discussing in your core classes.

    Each student in resource class will be given a classroom notebook and folder. All reading comprehension and writing activities will be kept in class to help track your progress throughout this year. Additionally, all students MUST bring their agenda planners to class. Along with improving our ELA and Math skills, we will have a strong focus on organization and planning. At the end of each week, students will complete a “Weekly Self-Check” in order to evaluate and monitor his or her own progress and learning.

    Learning Styles

    As we work together this year, on many occasions I will ask you to complete an activity that addresses your strengths, weaknesses, and what you enjoy or dislike about school. As middle schoolers I believe that it is vital for you to understand yourselves, how you learn, and how to use your strengths to improve specific skills. EVERYONE can succeed, and it is my goal to help you find your path to success.