• The New York State Education Department and Questar have developed Question Samplers to help students become familiar with the test format, the question types, and the tools they will use during testing.

    To practice with the Question Samplers:

    • Go to the Question Sampler website
    • Under "Select Subject" select "ELA" or "Math" 
    • Note: If you are practicing math, please review the Equation Editor first
    • Under "Select Grade" select the student's grade
    • Under "Select Test"  if you select  Sampler 1, 2 or 3, these choices also bring up the "Select Testing Language" option. You can also choose "Equation Editor Sampler."
    • Click on "Start Test"
    • The website will display directions that give an overview of all buttons on the screen and accomodations available

    The Question Samplers are designed to help students become familiar with the NYS Math and ELA exams.  The exams are untimed. We encourage students to practice with the Question Samplers multiple times to ensure they are aware of all the tools available to them.