What is Google Classroom?

  • Google Classroom is a platform that allows teachers and students to interact via posting assignments, engage in academic dialogue, and provide feedback to one another.

    When students log on, they see upcoming homework assignments, teacher announcements, student questions, and other important class information. Students can submit their work directly through Google Classroom, and teachers can provide feedback, assign grades, and return the work. All your child's work stays organized and conveniently stored on Google Drive. Assignments are even automatically added to the Google Calendar based on their due dates. Essentially, the Google Classroom is where all your child's schoolwork is created, exchanged, and stored.

    How Does My Kid Access Their Classroom?

    The process for setting up your child's account is simple because the teacher does most of the work. They set up the classroom and provide a join code that is unique to your child, or a teacher can also invite students by email. Once access has been granted, your child can get into their classroom anytime by going to classroom.google.com or clicking on Classroom in their Google Drive.

    For older students who have different teachers for different subjects, multiple classrooms will appear. From their dashboard, they can choose the class they want to view. Once they enter a classroom, students find three tabs at the top of the page.

    • The Stream tab can be compared to an interactive workbook. It's an outline of the course and an announcement page with a full overview of homework, assignments, and any other posts the teacher adds.
    • The Classwork tab stores all your child's assignments. Here, they'll see each assignment that's been added by their teacher. When they click on a task, they'll get the due date, details, resources needed, and status of the assignment. Students also can turn in their work here once it's completed. They can add files or create slideshows and images to be submitted.
    • The People tab shows all the teachers and students in the classroom. It's also a place where students can communicate directly with one another or their teacher.