• Welcome to Chamber Orchestra!

    We meet 9th period on Days 2, 4, and 6 in the Band/Orchestra Room.

    Students receive 1 lesson during the 6-day cycle.

    Please log on to the Google Classroom page for information about lesson schedules, assignments, and grades.

    Example of a Successful Practice Session

    1. Rosin your bow (if needed) and warm up with some scales. Playing each of the lines from your Scale Packet is a great idea for this! Think about the sound you are getting from your instrument and how the notes are responding to your bow. (3-5 minutes)
    2. Write out a rhythm (2-4 beats, maybe a tricky rhythm from your Orchestra repertoire). Try playing through one of your scales using that rhythm. You can also use this idea to work on dynamics, articulation, bow strokes, bowings, etc. (2-5 minutes)
    3. Work on an étude. Different études can be used to work on bowings, finger patterns, and more! (5 minutes)
    4. Practice your lesson material (method book, solo, etc.). Focus on a specific element of the music (notes, rhythm, dynamics, articulation, bowing, etc.) to help accomplish your goal more efficiently. Reflect on how you did; ask yourself what went well, what didn't go as well as you wanted it to, and how you can improve. (15-20 minutes)
    5. Practice your Orchestra music. Focus on specific elements of the music in each piece (notes, rhythm, dynamics, articulation, bowing, etc.) to help accomplish your goal more efficiently. Work in small chunks - put a star at the beginning of lines that have tricky parts so you know where you need to spend more time on while practicing. (10-15 minutes)
    6. Work on your sight reading skills. You can get a variety of different examples from Sight Reading Factory. (2-5 minutes)

    It's not necessarily about how much you practice, but rather about how smart you practice!

    Remember: The slower you practice, the faster you learn! Take time to think about what you are working on so you can practice more efficiently.

    Here is a tuner to help you tune with. A metronome is also a helpful practicing tool!

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