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    Dr. Hast      ELA - 8    shast@hpschools.org         

    1. All students received the novel Touching Spirit Bear with the study guides to be completed as they read. A SADS paragraph is included with the study guides and is expected to be completed and handed in on April 24. 
    2. The nonfiction book report/project will be due on April 6.
    3. The Word of the Day is on my website and should be completed for April 9. This will be a test grade and the last grade on the 3rd quarter.
    4. The study guides and the book report/project are also on my website under Grade 8 Homework - Notes and Handouts.  The Word of the Day - please use the handout received in your packet.
    5. Please email with any questions at shast@hpschools.org.