• Our Classroom Expectations
    We will be responsible.  
    -Classwork: Always put forth your best effort! 
                                      -Homework recorded daily in agenda.
     We will be respectful.
      -Follow the golden rule. 
    We will be safe.    
    Tally System: To reward positive behavior students have the ability to earn class tallies.  100 tallies earns a reward voted on by the entire class.  In the past rewards have included, but are not limited to: extra recess, pajama day, movie/game day and pizza for lunch.  The students love coming up with ideas to celebrate!
    Consequences for inappropriate behavior: May be adjusted to student need
        1. Verbal reminder-stating inappropriate behavior and what I expect instead.
        2. Visual cue placed on desk -10 minutes from recess
        3. All of recess will be lost and parent will be notified
        4. Student will be sent to Principal, recess will be lost, a note will be sent home.  A parent/student conference will be set up if needed.