The Board of Education adopted the spending plan of $32,409,327 for the 2016-2017 school year at the February 24, 2015, meeting. The levy is set for a zero (0) increase from the prior year.    The budget embraces a rich curriculum which seeks to prepare students for life. Some highlights in our budget are inclusive of the following programs:


    Languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, AmericanSign Language

    Arts: Photography, Computer Graphics (I,II), Drawingand Painting (I,II), Pottery ( I, II), Digital Design

    Technology: CAD (I,II), IED/DDP, Intro toNanotechnology, Computer Applications

    Physical Education: Life Saving, Health, PE K-12,swimming lessons for grades 3-5

    Music: Chorus, Select Chorus, Symphonic Band, Band,Orchestra, Music Theory, K-8 General Music, Cabaret, K-2 violin

    MVCC Dual Credit: English 101, English 110, Government,

    Environmental Science, Economics, CAD (I, II), Accounting,Computer  Applications, MusicAppreciation, French (I, II), Spanish (I, II), Psychology Sociology, Pre- Calculus,Calculus, Math 115, Math 125, Statistics 110

    AP Courses: AP Lit and Comp, AP Biology, AP MandarinChinese, AP Government

    Sports: We offer 18 sports (football, tennis, swim,soccer, field hockey, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling, bowling,volleyball, Alpine and Nordic ski, baseball, softball, golf, track andlacrosse).


            At the elementary level the children have Art, Music, PE, Library and Technology instruction as part of their week.The emphasis of instruction  is on building literacy, math and critical thinking skills which are integrated into all content areas. Teacher teams meet weekly to look at student data and make the necessary shifts to instruction in order to meet student needs.  Teamwork has resulted in exemplary graduation rate for 2014-2015 as well increase in students entering colleges and better prepared for the workforce.  

                                    State aid funding continues to be an area of great controversy state- wide. The State’s Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) Formula has resulted in a loss of more than$13 million in school aid to Holland Patent Central Schools over the past five years. We will continue to monitor this situation as a district to ensure our students are provided with the best possible education.

            The Governor enacted the “Tax LevyLimit” effective 2012 and is set to expire June 15, 2016. This law allows forschools to exceed the maximum allowable levy with a 60% super majority vote.Schools that are at or below the maximum allowable levy need a simple majorityvote of 50%. This law allows for exemptions, which include the following:

    •       Voter approved capital expenditures

    •       Increases in state mandated employercontribution rates for teacher and employee pensions

    •       Court orders and judgments from tortactions that exceed the cap

    •       Tax certioraris are not exempt

            The Boardof Education adopted a spending plan of $32,409,327 for 2016-2017 school yearand a Zero increase in the levy from the prior year.   

    Some cost saving measures that have been used to assist us with realizing savings include the following:

    •       Refinancing bonds

    •       Grant writing

    •       Energy Performance Contract

    •       Shared services

    •       Renegotiating contracts

    •       Collaboration with BOCES

      Many years of financial planning has helped us to roll out a budget that speaks to children, taxpayers,and is under the maximum allowable levy as outlined by law. We would like to thank everyone who put forth a great deal of effort in the development of the budget.


     The following eight members of our staff are retiring this year:                 

    John Carmody    John Cittadino

    Michele Halpin   Evelyn Mierek

    Nancy Morrison  Donna Olczyk

    Marie Perry         Richard Riley

    We appreciate their many years of dedicated service to the Holland Patent Central School District and wish them well in their new journey in life.      The expertise the district is losing will be difficult to replace.   We will miss these outstanding team members!   

    On a personal note, It has been my pleasure serving as your superintendent of schools over the past fourteen years.   I have made the decision to retire effective December 31, 2016 to begin a new journey in life.  The job of Superintendent has been a calling   with the children as the center of my decision making.    Although the decision to retire was difficult, it was the right time in my life.   I want to personally   thank all of the parents and community members for your support over the years. It has been the greatest gift in my life to have worked with your children.  I have enjoyed being part of the team that guides each child’s success.     

    We have made great progress over the years in order to provide the best possible programming for our students and prepare them for life. I am very proud to say I worked in the Holland Patent Central School District.  You will be forever in my heart and my thoughts.    



    Dr.Kathleen M. Davis


    Superintendentof Schools

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    School opens on Thursday, September 8, 2016  We look forward to your child's return. 
    Have a great weekend!
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