• "How to Get Good Grades"   

    "10 Easy Steps" by Linda O'Brien


    1. Believe in Yourself
    2. Be Organized
    3. Practice Time Management
    4. Find Success in the Classroom
    5. Use Good Note taking Skills
    6. Know How to Read the Textbook
    7. Study Smart
    8. Use Test-Taking Strategies
    9. Reduce Test Anxiety
    10. Get Help When you Need it

    Test Taking Tips

    Sooo …it is important that you do your best.  Here are some tips to help with test taking:

    1. Eat Breakfast - studies show that students who eat breakfast (particularly some kind of fruit and whole grain) do better on tests.  Your body needs food for fuel and eating a good breakfast on test days helps jumpstart your brain.

    2. Relax - getting stressed out about tests does not help the situation.  Getting a good night sleep and relaxing before the test helps you feel more comfortable and confident.  Be positive and go in with a "can do" attitude. 

    3. When taking the test remember to -

    A)   Scan the test before starting.   Look over the section and see what they are asking you to do.  Get an idea of how much time you think it will take so that you can pace yourself.

    B)   Read the directions, questions, and answers carefully.   Make sure you look at all parts to the question and look at all your choices before deciding on the answer.

    C)   Start with the Easiest questions.   Getting the easy questions done first helps you move through the test faster and builds confidence.  Go back and do more difficult questions later on.  Just make sure you are matching up your scantron sheet on multiple choice sections of the test so you do not mis-bubble.

    D)   Look for clues.   Read the question and notice headings, bold type, pictures and charts.  Information that looks different on the page is most likely important.

    E)   Guess if you can narrow down the choices.   Experts say that a first guess is often right if you just don't know which to decide when narrowed down.

    F)   Don't spend too much time on any one question because it will throw off your pacing and you may be able to answer questions beyond that one easier.  You want to be able to answer as many questions as possible so do not procrastinate.

    G)   Look over the test.   Check to see that you followed the instructions and answered all parts of the question.  Make sure your answers line up on the scantron and that the bubbles are dark enough for the computer to read.  Look over essay portions of the test and make sure you are presenting your neatest and best work.