• Reading-   Please watch the video clips of the Dovey Coe chapters. It starts with chapter 4. Watch them in order with your Dovey Coe packet out to your clue /thinking pages, and add clues/thinking around clues as we read along. I have attached the two pages to print out yourself if you cannot find the packet. Additional videos will be added here as the week goes along. I will be scheduling google meets next week so that we can discuss the findings, and your thoughts. These videos and more to come are your homework next week. There are no reading entries due next week:)

    spring break plans



    Dovey 7/8

    Mrs. Harter video


    Story Element Vocabulary

    Setting- Time and place of a story

    Character- People,animals, or creatures that the story is about

    Theme- Life lesson

    Point of View- Who is telling the story

    Plot- Summary of the action

    Exposition- Character and setting introduction

    Rising Action- The conflict is described

    Climax- Turning point/high point

    Falling Action-The problem is solved



     Literary Device Vocabulary

    Foreshadowing-A hint of things to come
    Alliteration- Repeating of initial consonant sounds
    Personification- Giving nonliving things human qualities
    Flashback- A memory
    Hyperbole- Wild exaggeration
    Simile- Comparing two objects using like or as
    Metaphor-Comparing two objects without like or as
    Irony- Situation is the opposite of what is expected
    Cliffhanger- Unresolved,exciting ending to a chapter
    Onomatopoeia-  Use of words that sound like they mean

    Writing -  Students should complete their 30 week exam that was sent home. 

    Students should use their poetry packet to these 2 interactive instructional videos. Students should have created 5 pages of poetry last week. 5 more pages will be done this week. Use the videos for ideas.

    Intro to poetry

    Poetry video 2


    Service letter instructions

     Helpful parent resources:
    www.spreeder.com (Speed reading sight)
    Tumblecloud.com and librivox.org (Audio books) 
    bookishrecommends.com (recommends books based on what you have read)