• All students and employees of the Holland Patent Central School District must follow these rules and procedures, along with the complete list that is displayed on every computer prior to log in.

    1. I will use only licensed software provided by HPCSD.

    2. I will not use unauthorized copies of commercial software.

    3. I will not install copyrighted software for use on district computers.

    4. I will not add or delete software to or from the file server.

    5. I will only create files and file names that are not vulgar, obscene or bigoted.

    6. I will use only my account for file storage.

    7. I will only access Internet areas that are deemed appropriate due to content that is neither indecent, obscene, or vulgar in nature.

    8. I will only access the Internet for school projects and reports with the supervision of a teacher.

    9. I will not copy or distribute copyrighted software from the system.

    10. I will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to system programs or computer equipment.

    11.  I will not share my password or username for any network or online resource with another person.