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    5th Grade Science

    What can parents and students expect?

    Each student will have a green science binder to keep their work organized.  Binders will need to be brought to science class each day.  Pencil Cases will need to be brought to science class daily along with agendas.  Each child will be responsible for learning and organizing their science vocabulary.  Notice of tests will be given at least a week in advance and students will be responsible for writing homework assignments and test dates in their agendas. Students will be expected to study for science tests.    



    What are the 5th grade units I will be learning?  The New Science Standards are called Next Generation Science Standards, NGSS and we will be following these standards along with NY Science Standards.  

    What is a Scientist?  What is an Engineer?

    Engineering and Technology

    Energy of Life - Ecosystems

    Earth's Systems

    Space Systems

    Converting Measurements

    Data & Graphing

    Energy and Matter in Organisms


    What will science class look like? 

    • SCIENCE class is based on inquiry!  In class students are taught and will demonstrate the process of exploring and observing their world, asking deep questions, conducting investigations, working collaboratively and sharing their findings with others.