• What is Reading/Writing Lab - AIS? 

    AIS Outline and Expectations

    Mrs. Carroll



    Parents or Guardians,


         This class is called “Reading and Writing Lab”, but it is also called “AIS” (Academic Intervention Services) or sometimes “RTI” (Response to Intervention). It is my job as an AIS provider to intervene and help your child become more proficient in ELA. I am here to provide extra support. It is my goal that students leave this class more proficient readers, writers, and listeners. 

         It is my expectation that students treat this class and myself as they would any other class. This class will NOT be a study hall.   Everything we do in AIS is for the purpose of improving reading and writing skills. You will not become proficient without continuous practice reading, writing, and listening, so we will be doing a lot of it. We will be reading and discussing both novels and short stories, as well as practicing both written and multiple choice types of questions. Therefore, it is expected that students follow directions and work to the best of their ability. Students must be to class on time and ready to work when the bell rings. This includes having your materials ready; please bring a pen or pencil to class each day.       

         While students will not be receiving an actual letter grade on their report card, they will be regularly assessed and evaluated to determine which areas are most in need of improvement and in what way I can best help them to improve. Grades will be S, S-, S+, U, etc. and will be based on effort and participation in class.    

         Students are required to read in addition to the regular school day. Although I do not assign actual homework, it is extremely important that my students complete this reading and read even more if at all possible. The most important factor in improving reading fluency and comprehension is practice in reading! If your child needs help choosing an appropriate book, please ask and I will be more than willing to help them choose one! 



    Mrs. Carroll