• Dear Students and Parents,


    I am looking forward with great expectations toward the beginning of this new school year.  There are so many wonderful things to learn and ways that we can develop our ability to think and solve problems and further understand how mathematics can help us approach those ideas and challenges.  Math gives us a language to explore and understand so many areas of life.  

    Whether you have chosen hybrid or remote learning for this school year you will need a class booklet for 2020-2021.  Plan to have this with you every time we meet for class whether in the building or at home.  This will serve as our textbook and notebook for the year as well as give us lots of opportunities to gain understanding and develop our skills. 

    In addition to our math booklet we will be using a lot of online tools to help us build our mathematical understanding, gain practice, and take assessments.  

    In your student email you should have received an invite to join a google classroom for math.  Please join the class there so that I can add our zoom class links to your calendar.  Each day you will find on your google calendar a link with the specific class time for those joining remotely.  That will get you connected.  We will also be using Buzz but I will explain that in more detail once we get started.  

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at rzacek@hpschools.org 




    Mr. Zacek