Mrs. Toussaint's Social Studies

  •  **Unit 3 Test on Early Civilizations and the Fertile Crescent - Wednesday December 11th. 

    (Study Packet Key is on BUZZ if you need to catch up on any notes)





Mrs. Schreppel's Science

  • Study your Astronomy Vocab

    Solar System Check Up Dec 10th



Mrs. Harter's Writing

  • Mrs. Harter's Writing



Mrs. Richard's Writing

  • Mrs. Richard’s Writing

    check agenda


Mrs. Gerace's Math

  • 1-PS #12 due tomorrow

    2-Decimals Test corrections and signature due Monday





Mrs. Harter's Reading

  • Mrs. Harter’s Reading

    -Read in your choice book for 20 minutes(Nightly). Log check on Friday.

    Project due Friday the 13th.

    Read and take notes in your biography every night this week. Computer research is now on your own.

    Start shoebox over break.



Mrs. Richard's Reading

  • Mrs. Richard’s Reading

    check agenda