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Volleyball: A Spiking Sport

Volleyball a Spiking Sport

       Volleyball is a unique sport where 6 players are separated by a net. The net can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but either way you try to use it to your advantage. One common way of scoring a point is using hits. There are three common forms of hitting we use in our school. They are volleying, serving, and the bump. Volleying or setting is when you put your hands above your head forming a circle and hitting the ball only with your fingertips. This is a technique used by the front players to get the ball over the net. Serving consists of two choices: overhand or underhand. Overhand is when you throw the ball up and hit it with your fist. Underhand is when you hold the ball and step then hit the ball out of your hand. Serving is used to start a game and is usually the most important part. You can gain or lose points off a serve. Last but not least is bumping. Bumping is when you hit the ball with your fists joined together. This is used mostly by the back players since the net is farther away, and can be hit over the net or to another player, to! There are three very different types of games you can play: backyard barbecue, school play, and team play. Backyard barbecue is when you basically have no rules. This is usually played at family reunions and at the beach. School play is used in, well, schools. HPMS had a volleyball tournament which was very entertaining. School play has some rules, but not limited to what you can and can’t do. Finally is team play. Team play has all rules and permits you to do a lot of foul worthy things, but still is played the same way. You may be wondering what spiking is… Well it is when you jump up the same angle as the net and pound the ball with your fist as hard as you can to achieve a well-earned point! Spiking is mainly used in team play, but if you’re tall enough it can be played in Backyard barbecue, or Team play!!! Whether you’re playing with friends or the other team, you become another player when you spike the winning POINT!


Justin S