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Track: Minute by Minute

Track and Field: Minute by Minute


Track and Field is a game where you do a broad expanse of events that take a lot of skill and determination. The events such as running, sprinting, and hurdling are won by the athlete with the fastest time. Running is when you run around a track a certain amount of distance to get the fastest time. Sprinting is short-distance events when you run as fast as you can the whole way. Hurdles are short-distance events that you jump over obstacles that vary in height. There are also events off of the fast pace of the track; they are throwing events like shot put, and discus. There are also combined sports like the heptathlon and decathlon when athletes compete in many of the events above. A heptathlon is a series of 7 combined events. A decathlon is a series of 10 combined track and field events.


Track and Field is an Olympic sport that is shared by many countries. Canada, The United States of America, and even Africa participate in the Olympics for track. Track and Field was held in the first games in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC.



Track is a sport that uses endurance. You build muscle and strength. You will get sore at times, but you stretch, and it feels much better. Sprints are done in practice to get the athletes “pumped up” and are events at meets such as 100, 200, or 400 meters! Long distances are also very popular. Since one mile is 1609.34 meters, most long distance events range in that area.


Here in HP, this is what you do in track:

·         Run up the hill to the high school

·         Run around the high school or track two times

·         Do running drills

·         Stretch drills

·         Run to middle school

What you need:

·         Water

·         Extra long sweat pants and a sweatshirt

·         Shorts

·         Sneakers

·         Shirt


·         2:30 or 2:45 (when coach gets there to pick you up)

·         Pick up is 4:30 or 4:45

How to stay after: 

Take the late bus up to the high school at 3:00pm

So if you want to run track and plan on doing the mile then I would suggest you count your precious time Minute by Minute!

Justin S & Aliya L