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by Brooke M


            Wresting is a sport that involves a lot of sweat and determination. You may think of it as just a sport. Maybe a joke even from all the fake nonsense people see on TV. The illusion of brutality and making the public believe that you need big muscles and a big ego to wrestle, but the players will tell you different. To the players wrestling is much more; to the players wrestling is a type of life style.

            I asked Logan M. what his favorite part of wrestling is, and he stated “having to push yourself to your limit to win a match or train for a tournament. When you come off the mat with your hands raised in victory,it’s an amazing feeling.” I have been told that almost every player on the wrestling team has cried at least once from losing a match, as it is supposed to be heartbreaking to lose a match. I asked Logan M. who his inspiration is, and he said his coaches because they push him to do better and he strives to be as good as Hunter T. I then asked him how long he wants to keep doing wrestling, and he said, “I’ll go into college if I’m good enough.”

            Did you ever realize how much work wresting actually is? I asked what they did for a warm up on an average practice day, and the answer I got baffled me. Logan said, “For freestyle we lift for 30 minutes then run for 15 minutes, and every 5 minutes we stop and do 20 pushups and 20 curl ups, then diamonds, then finger tips, and then we stretch.” All of this with the heat turned up all the way in the wrestling room. So much commitment, but I hear it’s worth it. In wrestling, when your shoulder blades touch the ground, that means you lose the match.

            All this preparation, hard work, and determination for a 3-5 minute match just to see who can pin the other one first. If that isn’t commitment, then I don’t know what is. For beginners, Logan gave some advice: “You need to warm up and get sweating as if you’re in practice. You need to be confident and know what you want to do and know who your opponent is, and just wrestle like a golden knight!”