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Working at a Bank

I interviewed Anthony Zammiello, the branch manager at Adirondack Bank, the greenest bank in the village of Holland Patent. The code is N=newspaper and A=Anthony’s response.

N- What do in your job?

A- “Well, I get to work with people everyday to solve financial problems, loans, and good ways to work with money, and doing good for the community.”

N- How long have you been working here at Adirondack Bank?

A-    “5 years at this branch, and I have been working with the bank for 9 years.”

N- How do you feel when you walk in the door every morning?

A-    “I feel nice. When you get a job, you don’t have to worry as much when you get home.”

N- Do you have any kids?

A-    “I have 2 kids, a six-year-old daughter, and a two-year-old son.”

N- Have you worked at any other branches?

A-    “ I worked In Utica, and at 2 other branches, but I do enjoy working in Holland Patent.”

N- What is the best part of your job?

A-    “ I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, of helping people.”

N- What schooling do you need to become a branch manager?

A-    “It depends on the [level of the] job, but you need a high school diploma.”

N- What are the best parts and the hardest?

A-    “The hardest is meeting a goal, and the easiest is creating an enjoyable experience for the customers and the employees.”


Overall, working at a bank can have its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it because you help people.

Noah M.