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Healthy School lunches (and snacks)

Healthy school lunches

Easy and delicious school lunches.

School lunches: pasta and peanut butter banana sandwich.

What you would need: a medium size sauce pan, a spoon, pasta noodles, pasta sauce, red and green peppers, strainer, and for a side some unsalted pretzels and the regular H2o.

1.       Put water into your pan and boil. When done boiling put a reasonable amount of pasta noodles.

2.       While your noodles are cooking, you should start slicing the peppers dice.

3.       When noodles are done, you will need to strain them.

4.       Put into a bowl and put in your sauce and peppers. Make sure they are stirred well.

5.       Put in your container and put your unsalted pretzels in another container as well. And don’t forget your water

Enjoy! J


Peanut butter banana sandwich


For the second lunch you will need: a butter knife, 2 pieces of bread, a plate, a banana, peanut butter, orange juice and a granola bar.

1.       Butter your two pieces of bread with peanut butter.

2.       Then you want to slice your banana into thin slices

3.       Place the banana slices on your bread

4.       Slap youre your sandwich together put the sandwich in your container and your granola bar, and dont forget your orange juice.



What are some of your favorite school lunches to make at home?

Hannah C