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New York City!


          New York City or NYC is located in New York (NY). New York City is a wonderful place to visit mostly all year round, even though it’s colder in the winter. If you go in the winter make sure you wear warm clothes.

There are many ways to visit NYC including; car, bus, or even train. Each way of transportation takes a different amount of time to arrive at NYC. In order to have a seat available on the bus or train, make sure you schedule a time months ahead of time. If there is enough space, plan out what you are going to do when you arrive to NYC so you have an idea of which direction to head. The bus for instance is very comfortable with televisions to watch movies and it takes about four hours. When you’re about half way through the trip, you have a bus stop where you can go to the bathroom and get something to eat. When you arrive at NYC, if you have a map or a smart-phone with a GPS, you might want to mark where you are because you will be picked up in the same place.

There are also many places for shopping such as Toys R' Us, M&M World, Hershey's, and Macy's. The popular stores tend to be far more crowded than other stores. NYC has very large crowds especially during the holiday season. If you have a little child with you, you might want to hold on to their hand while you’re walking down the sidewalk. Strangers run into you and just keep on walking without saying a word. The subway is a source of transportation to go around NY without walking, but you need a special key or pass which costs money of course to ride the subway. During the holidays, the humungous Christmas tree is located near the ice skating rink in Time's Square. It stands about 76 feet tall and needs a surplus of lights in order to cover the tree all the way to the top.

Even though there are many cities in other states that are much bigger, New York City is a very big city in NY.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit this amazing city, hopefully you put this advice to your consideration. Have you ever been to NYC and was it what you hoped it was like?

Emily M