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Jack the Ripper

Jack The Ripper

The streets of London are cold; it’s a cold bitter night and you rush down the allies to try and find your way out of this freaky maze. You swallow your breath; it’s a chilly night that you can see it, December1888 was especially cold this year.  You swallow hard, Mother had warned you before you went out to watch the streets names and memorize them, and your back. A serial killer was on the loose, Jack the Ripper. You shiver thinking of the name ever so slightly sent a cold sensation down your spine. You quicken your pace, just your luck you’d come face to face with Jack, you had to get home and fast, before midnight, when his victims were normally killed. In the same district you were in at the moment, near the Whitechapel. Just your luck you find yourself in a alleyway, must have taken a wrong turn. You look for a way out, it’s a dead end, you sigh and turn to find a figure standing in front of the entrance. With a bloody knife in hand, just your luck, Jack found you, and is here to rip you apart. He takes a step. And you scream.

ALRIGHT! Let’s get out of that freaky alleyway and into the present 2014 where You are ALIVE and NOT going to be ripped to pieces! That sounds nice right? It sounds alright to me anyway, and besides we all like to be alive correct?

So, first things first! Who is Jack the Ripper? Was he real? That didn’t happen right? Did he kill anybody? Was he ever caught? Several questions I shall answer.

First question, Who is Jack the Ripper?
‘Jack the Ripper’ really is a name given by the press to a serial killer in London, 1888. Do we know who he or she was? No. We never found out, that’s something interesting cause he murdered a good handful of people. So that just answered all the questions above.

So why am I doing this about Jack the Ripper? 1. Because I feel like it, 2 I’m interested in the cases 3. One of my favorite manga’s (Black Butler.) uses the Jack the Ripper case in its stories though it is false. Those are my reasons and if you don’t like them well…Just deal with it, and hang in with me please and KEEP READING! Please,


Since we don’t know who Jack the Ripper was, we don’t know how many people he killed, but these are the people who we think/know he or she killed. SO, here’s the list.

·        Emma Smith

·        Martha Tabram

·        Mary Nichols

·        Annie Chapman

·        Elizabeth Stride

·        Catherine Eddowes

·        Mary Kelly

·        Alice McKenzie

·        Frances Coles

That’s who last but not least? we think he or she killed. And hey, does anyone else notice that Jack the Ripper killed only WOMEN? Jack(Just to shorten this up let’s call him/her Jack) didn’t once have a victim who was male…isn’t that a bit…odd? Maybe it’s just me.


Although Jack was never ‘caught,’ we had suspects. And you know what’s funny? Like all the victims were female, all the suspects were male. Is that a coincidence? I hope it is. So any way, the list of suspects, (It’s long, just to you to be warned):

·        Prince Albert Victor

·        Joseph Barnett

·        Alfred Napier Blanchard

·        W.H Bury

·        Lewis Carrol

·        David Cohen

·        Dr, T Neil Cream

·        Frederick Deeming

·        Montague John Druitt

·        Car; Feigenbaum

·        Fogelma

·        George Hutchinson

·        Hyam Hyams

·        Jill the Ripper(Seems like there WAS one female. My mistake.)

·        James Kelly

·        Severin Klosowski (George Chapman)

·        Aaron Kosminski

·        Jacob Levy

·        The Lodger

·        James Maybrick

·        Michal Ostrog

·        Dr. Pedachenko

·        The Royal Conspiracy

·        Walker Sickert

·        James Kenneth Stephen

·        E.D’Onston Stephenson

·        Alois Szemeredy

·        Francis Thompson

·        Francis Timblety

·        Nicholas Vassily

·        Dr, John Williams.

YES THAT’S ALL OF THEM!!!! (My fingers feel like they are going to fall off!!!) That. Was a lot of suspects. And were any of them the murderer? Nope. All proven innocent.

So, who is Jack the Ripper? Will we ever know? I hope so. I think we can do it, even if it was 126 years ago. We  just need to find the knife or the murder weapon and get the fingerprints off of it, and we’ll find out. Though maybe we never recovered the weapon…well nuts. I hope we did.

So, perhaps one of you will figure out the case? Are you willing to figure it out? I am, how about you?


Katie H.


Katie H