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How to….. Be Organized at School?

Tip #1:   Use a binder with zippers, so you don’t have to worry about papers falling out. One side could be used for uncompleted work and the other for completed work.

Tip #2:   Go through folders and binders and get rid of papers you don’t need anymore.  Extra papers in the folder/binder will make it hard to find papers when you need them. Graded papers could go into a separate folder that you could keep at home.

Tip #3:   Clean out your locker every once in a while. If your locker as lots of papers piled up, take them out and throw them away or put them in the appropriate folder/binder. Buy a shelf and put it in your locker to organize your school books and other supplies in the other.

Tip #4:   Use your agenda to write all homework, quizzes, tests, and owed work or tests/quizzes.

Tip #5:   Take everything home that you need to do homework. Do the homework as soon as you get it. That way you won’t be doing it at the last minute and risk not getting it done.

Tip #6:   Put dates on your papers and notes, so if a teacher wants a paper/notes from that specific day, you’ll have it. Also, if your friend was absent a day or two, you can show her your notes or paper to see what she missed.

Tip #7:   Label your folders/binders so you don’t take the wrong thing home for homework or etc.

Tip #8:   Make sure your book-bag is clean and not full of papers. Also, try and get a book-bag with extra pockets to put pens, pencils, etc.

Tip #9:   Have a USB/flash-drive in your book-bag or in your desk to attach your school work onto in case your printer is not working.

Tip #10:  Pay attention in class because you might miss something that is on homework or a test/quiz. 

Emily M