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Minecraft. The classic game that has been around for years. Originally out on the PC, the online game has spread to the Xbox 360, Ipod touch, Iphone, and will soon be out on the PS3. Minecraft gets better and better each month.

The game of Minecraft does not have a story. It is all about survival or what you can build with imagination and unlimited building blocks. All together Minecraft does have a great ending. It really makes you think and bewilders you. It is a very long story about how Minecraft was created. But, the twist is that it’s not told by the creator, Notch. It’s told by your player, Steve. And he is talking about you… the player. YOU are the person who has molded the world to fit your abilities and has used what has been given to you to live on and create your empire. The game all ends with you killing the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon is the final boss in the game. Minecraft does not have a story, though, which is kind of weird considering the game actually has an ending. Sometimes it can be a grueling process to kill the Ender Dragon, but with the right tools and armor, you can breeze right through the final fight.

The reason why Minecraft keeps on getting better is updates. Updates are what keep Minecraft going. Every month or so, a new update is released to the consoles that it’s on. Updates contain new items in the game that can help with your survival. Unfortunately for the people that play it on PC, they don’t get as many updates as everybody else does. Some updates included: The nether and portal. You are now able to travel to the underworld and fight gasts which are ghosts. Also, you’re able to hunt zombie pig men which are half pig, half zombie. They added an Enchantment table, and with that you can enchant whatever you want, but it has to be a weapon or tool. And they added an Anvil after that so that you can repair your tools and weapons. But, you have to give your hard-earned XP away depending on how helpful the enchantment is. So, say that you have a diamond sword with the best four enchantments you can get. It will cause a lot more XP then a wooden sword with a bad enchantment. There is definitely many more updates to come out.


With the great graphics, confusing ending, entertainment style, survival environment and every thing that is also a key role to you having fun, I give Minecraft a perfect 10 out of 10.
Vincent Z.