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Green Team- Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

What does the Green Team do, you ask? Well, the Green Team is in charge of recycling education at the middle school. In the past, the Green Team educated students and teachers! The Green Team has been around for 5 years now. One thing we run and promote is "Zero-Waste Lunch Day," which tries to limit the amount of waste we acquire for one day. 

          We also started the locker clean out, which occurs at the end of the year and allows students to give away nice folders, binders, pencils, and much more for the following year (if students needed them). The locker clean out was started 3 years ago by Ms. Aldrich and Ms. Smith. They were bothered by the fact that students were throwing away good school supplies, and no one would recycle. So, they collected the supplies in the locker clean out. 2 years after, they collected items at the locker clean out and started the Re-store. The Re-store started in 2012 and the students that needed supplies or school took the things that they needed. Last year, everything that was collected from the past year was taken from the Re-store and was put to good use. The locker clean out and the Re-store are continuing on this year so make sure you take a look at it. It's located in front of room 212 every Monday, unless we don't have school.


          Why do we need the Green Team? We need the Green Team to keep people aware of how to reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle. As you already know, those three things are also called the 3 R's.

          Who is in charge of the Green Team? Ms. Smith (8th grade science teacher) is in charge. Students of all grades at the middle school are welcome to be part of the Green Team.

          Where do you meet and where do we get to go? The Green Team meetings are held in room 117 in the 8th grade wing. We also go on trips based on being green! One trip we have gone to was the Oneida, Herkimer County Recycling Center located in Utica.


          When do you meet? The Green Team meets on Thursdays occasionally and ends at 3:00pm unless you have a ride home! Listen to the announcements to keep informed about our next meeting. If you have a ride home, you could stay till 3:15pm if you would like!

            How do you be a part of the Green Team? If you are interested in being part of the Green Team, please contact Ms. Smith immediately and make sure your parents know your staying after-school on the day of the meeting! If you are allowed, you can ride the late bus home or you may walk if it’s okay with your parents.
Emily M.