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The yearbook committee held its first meeting on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. It only consisted of 5 people, which we hoped was because most people forgot. The yearbook committee is only available for 8th graders and is run by Mr. Stripp (a retired science teacher). The meetings take place in the library computer lab unless told otherwise. The yearbook committee also gathered mostly all of the 8th grade baby pictures. The committee also started taking pictures of the clubs and music departments, such as jazz band.

            Each meeting, the yearbook committee works on the yearbook (obviously). The first meeting just consisted of creating posters to hang up which gives information about the yearbook or what we need from the students to create the yearbook. The next meeting was all about creating a list of every student who ordered a yearbook and make a list of students who participated in sports. Creating the yearbook isn’t really stressful, but you have to work at a somewhat fast pace to make sure the yearbook is done in time. If you would like to buy a yearbook and forgot to bring money for the pre-sale, the committee ordered extra yearbooks if anyone is interested.
Emily M