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What in the world K.W.N.? Well, Kid Witness News, or K.W.N. for short, is a contest for kids all around the country in the field of news reporting. This contest includes kids working as a group to create video news stories. The group chooses two topics; one of the topics is a social issue and the other is a public service announcement.  Some examples would be drug prevention, recycling, suicide, bullying and peer pressure. The K.W.N. team then makes two videos out of the topics, and sends them to the official K.W.N. site. The thing is, no adults are allowed to tell you what topics to do or how to do it. They can only assist you if you’re stuck. The team works hard helping each other write stories, tape the stories using high definition video technology, and edit the videos for a final product to submit to the contest. It is a lot of work, but this project is a lot of fun. Winners are flown to the New York/New Jersey area to celebrate during “Winner’s weekend.” So, go and see if you have a chance in the contest! 


Aliya L