You can sit in the hallway and see one, two, three boys fleeing from a scene of pure destruction of someone’s self-bought objects tumbling out of their locker and on to the floor. Then as the victim comes to see what’s happened, a look of pure terror comes across their face as they have no choice but to pick it up and be late for class, going along with what’s happened, then walk away with disappointment. But that’s not nearly the worst thing; there are the boys who will physically hurt each other and laugh about it. This is what some will say about this: “Boys will be boys.”  But hitting each other in the face is not normal. 


   Why do kids think that it is okay to rank other people by what they have and what they look like?  What do kids think is okay about bullying?  We’ve all heard about it and you honestly can’t avoid it.  When a student is bullied it can affect them dramatically, both physically and mentally.  If one person is hurt by another person, then this bully that has hurt a student then has enough courage to do it again and again and can do this repeatedly.  This needs to change now, starting with Holland Patent Schools.  We need a person or a hall monitor to watch in our hallways, someone to make sure nothing abusive is going on.  Then maybe Holland Patent could be one more step to a safer, happier school.
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