Zero Waste Lunch Day

    The 4th annual zero-waste lunch day just occurred on Tuesday, April 29th. Zero-waste lunch day is a day when students try to make the least amount of trash. This project is open to schools in the Oneida and Herkimer counties and whoever wins gets a free visit from the Kiss FM DJ.  We do this by bringing lunches and using containers instead of baggies. If you buy your lunch, make sure you only take what you eat and the snacks or treats are not going to be sold on the zero-waste lunch day.

Some things to avoid when bringing your own lunch:

·         Food packed in plastic bags, wax paper or plastic wrap

·         Prepackaged lunches

·         Paper napkins

·         Disposable spoons and forks

·         Disposable drink pouches or bags

·         Prepackaged single-serve lunch items

Some things to pack when bringing your own lunch:

·         Lunches in reusable containers

·         Treats in reusable containers

·         A cloth napkin

·         Wrap sandwiches in aluminum foil

·         Drinks in reusable liquid containers or a thermos

·         A reusable lunchbox

·         Reusable forks and spoons

Each day at the middle school, students throw away about 75 pounds of trash. On zero-waste lunch day we try reducing that to, at most, 3 pounds. The middle school has been successful this year and won this zero-waste lunch day with only 2 pounds and 10 ounces (2 lbs. 10 oz.) worth of trash. We also had a composting bin (with items that could be composted) for our middle school garden. Even though this is only one day a year, we made a difference in the Earth’s environment. We should reduce, reuse and recycle every day so that our Mother Earth is environmentally nice.