Dear Jitters,

I am having trouble keeping up in school. I am a pretty good student and get good grades but I have been having trouble keeping up with all my assignments. Any advice?




Dear Anonymous,

Keeping up in school is especially difficult this time of year, when it seems as though everything is trying to conclude before winter break. I suggest working on your most dreaded assignments as soon as they are assigned (to prevent any last minute workloads) and making sure to maintain healthy physical habits, such as exercising and getting enough sleep to keep you alert during the school day. In addition to these habits, try finding an activity that soothes you, such as journal writing, dancing, running, reading, listening to/playing music, or even talking to a friend. Once you know what has the power to relax your mood, you can put it into action whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed by everything happening at school.

Remember not to panic!