Decisions, Decisions

Dear Jitters,

I was amazed when I first saw your poster :) I have a question. In middle school, it is hard to find out what people to hang out with. I have two friends that always fight, and I think I need to pick one to constantly hang out with. One is a little bad at swearing, but the other always gets in fights. The swearer is nice to me, he just loses his control sometimes, but the fighter is mean to everyone he talks to. The fighter brings me into the popular group, and I LOVE IT! BUT I don’t like their behavior. So who is better, the fighter or the swearer?




Dear Unknown,

Hello! I regret to inform you that I am unable and unwilling to tell you “who is better” out of your two friends (‘the fighter” and “the swearer”). I will, however, try to help you see the situation in a different light in order for you to handle it well. It seems like you feel as though you need to pick one of your two friends to keep as a companion, but have you considered how it might feel to be in the shoes of one of them? I can imagine you would be hurt to know a friend of yours is considering leaving you behind to be friends with another person exclusively. Instead of picking just one person, try maintaining a friendly relationship with both of them and addressing any mean behavior towards you or others as unacceptable. Remember, while everyone has special, positive differences, absolutely no one is perfect- including you.

I wish you the best!