Dear Jitters,

    I don't have a date to the dance. What do I do?




        Dear Anonymous,

                        To be perfectly blunt, you do not need a date to any school dance. Though the previous statement may be to the contrary of your friends's views, it is entirely true. I understand it's easy to feel pressured into finding a date to accompany you. It can seem as though absolutely everyone is going with someone, and you're sort of left behind, scrambling for a date in order to attend the dance free of embarrassment. If that's how you're feeling now, I'd like you to stop. Stop listening to whoever is giving you these ideas, stop any negative self-talk, and stop worrying about anything concerning what others may or may not think of you attending this dance without a date. Now, try focusing on what would make you (and you alone) happiest. After all, dances are about enjoying yourself to the fullest, not proving yourself to anyone. If you'd like, try inviting a few friends to get ready and ride with you to the school. This way, you'll be relaxed and focused solely on having a great time.