Making an Impression

Dear Jitters,

            I have a friend and I like him a lot and I want him to ask me to the dance...but I don't know if he feels the same. He knows I like him. What do I do to impress him?





Dear Anonymous,

            The dictionary definition of the word “impress” is “to make someone feel admiration and respect.” This seems perfectly fine, but only until you make a conscious effort to be someone you know you are not in order to get recognition from that someone. Anything you do for the sole purpose of trying to impress him will be, in the grand scheme of things, artificial. If it does so happen that these things you could do would in fact impress him enough to ask you to the dance, would you feel right about it, knowing you weren't really being yourself? Instead of that, why don't you simply ask him to the dance instead? If he already knows you like him, he may even see it coming. Plus, there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking the power into your own hands and making something happen. Just because you're a girl does not mean you belong sitting on the sidelines, waiting to play the game. He'll more than likely appreciate your confidence and honesty. Of course, doing this won't guarantee you a date to the dance, but it will guarantee your sense of self to stay perfectly intact.