A fear of injections

Dear Jitters,

I'm scared of getting injections at the doctors office. I have an appointment coming up and I'm like really really scared. Please help me.



Dear Anonymous,

        In case you didn't know already, a fear of injections is incredibly common. You are by no means alone; in fact, it is said that just about 20% of people are afraid of needles. That's one in every five! Your doctor is sure to understand if you simply let him/her know that you're a bit nervous to receive a shot, and could help put the situation in perspective for you. After all, the medicine is helping you fight sicknesses that would put you in danger and cause you to be much more miserable than you will be during the injection. On the day of your appointment, remind yourself constantly that everything really will be okay. Try keeping your mind and body fully relaxed and loose, and decide whether or not to look at the needle. Seeing its actual size may just do the trick in making you feel better. If you know it wouldn't and you're still panicked during the appointment, there's no harm in requesting a parent, friend, or sibling join you in the office to offer some encouragement or a hand to hold.

It will be over before you know it, I promise.